You are welcome to our website. BREAKFORTH EVANGELICAL MINISTRY BfEM Goshen—'breaking forth into uncharted territories'

We at BfEM Goshen are sent to inform the people, inspire them to have a growing relationship with Jehovah God through teaching true and infallible word of God without compromise and watering down.

We are a multicultural youth oriented ministry inclusive of everyone emphasising faith, family and future.

BfEM Goshen is a family church that looks after its members and non-members in the community as the Lord has directed through His Word. 
Our members live a changed and improved life today and they not abused or exploited as were the cases prevalent in churches today.

BfEM Goshen remains true to the tradition of complete reliance and faith in Jehovah God who is able to do above what we ask and imagine. We believe strongly both in the power of prayer and the power in the Word of God to lose chains, to break bonds, to deliver, to bless and to restore life.

We're a non-profit church organisation serving Oldham and vicinity and we're dedicated to charity work and we invite you to visit us and fellowship with us in an atmosphere of love...

BfEM Goshen is founded upon Isa54:1-3..."You will spread out to the right and to the left. Your descendants will take over other nations, and  they will resettle deserted cities"...

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