Dear Sisters,

I heartily welcome you to our Women of Wisdom web page detailing our purposes and focus.

You are invited to visit our website and peruse other functions of Breakforth Evangelical Ministry.

Let me quickly introduce who we are to you. We are the mothers, wives and sisters of Breakforth Evangelical Ministry, and our major role among others is to support the work and the house of God

Our Mission

  • To hold a monthly program/seminar
  • To organise women of wisdom conference annually
  • To hold discussions on women affairs
  • To encourage prayerful life amongst women
  • Monthly meetings and debates


Our Roles

  • to see to the welfare of the church
  • To ensure there is love and peace in the church
  • To teach and advice on marital affairs
  • To teach and advise on kingdom affairs
  • to inculcate kingdom principles


What is Expected of Us

  • Respect for the authority and leadership of the church
  • Respect and loving attitude towards our husbands
  • Tolerance and willingness towards each other
  • Helping and assistance towards each other
  • To identify problem solving method without creating grudges
  • To make functions notified to the head of WoW and the Pastor