Woman of Valour 2012 Conference

 Our theme for this conference is to declare us as women of valour.

Valour means courage and when we check the Scripture we will discover many women who have been courageous in the things and work of God.

We have people:

ülike Deborah who is a judge, prophetess and a leader, God will make you a leader in your community IJN 

üLike Ruth who is courageous enough to leave family behind and go in search of the living God. You will be rewarded as you come today IJN.

üLike Esther who with courage enter into the kings palace and save a whole nation. She met with favour so will you IJN.

So many to mention, even we have secular example like Lady Thatcher.


No wonder woman is the first to see Jesus 

We can only speculate why women were first. I think that women are sometimes quicker to believe, because of the way God wired our brains, making us more intuitive.

It could be that God was demonstrating His value of women.

It could be simply a natural consequence of our merciful desire to care for the body of Jesus, though it seems probable this was part of God’s intricate plan.

Like my husband use to say, "women do three things that cannot be taken away. We carry them, we marry them, and we bury them".