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WithVine Conf

Workers-in the-Vineyard Conference  (WithVine) is our in-house forum to teach essentials about ministry aspects and various offices that ministry consists of. We teaches topics such as: are you a worker in the ministry? What qualifies you to be a worker? Topics for leaders and teachers, preparing a sermon, becoming an effective bible study/Sunday school teachers and many more.

WithVine Conf holds annualy in the third week of March. 2016 conference dates will be posted soon. Hoping to see you!!

Understanding the Bible Study

An in-depth study in the Word of God on systematic biblical books that enables people to grasp a basic understanding on the Word of God, to open up about the different revelations that they themselves have received, to debate on different topics and questions that are thrown that are asked.

Our understanding the bible study will help you understand the Word of God deeply open up His treasures and bring about a transformation that is applicable to your life.
This is an interactive class for both our young ones and adults alike where participation and contributions is highly encouraged.


Join us every Wed between 6-7.45pm. refreshment served.

Comprehensive Sunday School Lesson
Our first fellowship on Sunday starts with deliberation in the Word of God, and this opens up our understanding the more.

This is an in-depth biblical teaching on topical subjects which is applicable to our daily lives for both young and adults alike

 Why don’t you join us on Sunday for this half hour comprehensive teaching to understanding His Word for us between 11-11.30am, and there’s enough time for you to have your Sunday roast afterwards

Women of Wisdom
BfEM Women of Wisdom Conference is an annual event that takes place in the month of November.
It is three-day (weekend) power packed events on teaching and praying sessions through the ministrations of anointed women of God in attendance.
We have an in interactive talk-shop on conference Saturday with topics touching on ministry, marriage, home-management and issues about both men and women.

This year, we would love to visit us, for more info, kindly click on the icon. God bless


LoveFeast is our yearly gathering of believers, when we come together in fellowship and love of God to feast with each other in various (African) country delicacies.

We always meet at the last weekend before Christmas, and if youre in or around Oldham on the 16th December, or if you live within the driving distance of BfEM (OL8 1JP), we would love for you to join and FEAST with us. Jesus has compassion.