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New Keys Monthly Prayer Meeting.
Date: 1st of Every Month
Time: 6-8pm

Heaven is pregnant with your blessing, join us 1st of every month and collect New Keys to unlock God’s blessing each new month for you & your household
We’re expecting you THERE!!!

Who is this Jesus (WithJesus) Conf.

BfEM is a youth oriented ministry and “WithJesus” Conference is our annual conference held third week of every June; focusing on our young generation.

Watch this space for further info and dates. We’re believing God that you will bless us with your presence in our forthcoming conference

We believe God that our growing generation can still fulfil the purpose of God for their lives in this directionless era.

Our conference date: TBA

Pastor2Pastors Forum
This is a 1 day (quarterly)FORUM for pastors and leaders of ministries and workers in the ministry to come together for a deep biblical teaching in the Word of God through teaching, discussion and dissemination. It is a iron sharpen iron event
the next FORUM is 1st Sept 2018

Women of Wisdom

BfEM Women of Wisdom Conference is an annual event that takes place in the month of November. It is three-day (weekend) power packed events on teaching and praying sessions through the ministrations of anointed women of God in attendance.

We have an in interactive talk-shop on conference Saturday with topics touching on ministry, marriage, home-management and issues about both men and women.

This year, we would love to visit us, for more info, kindly click on the icon. God bless.



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